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Our Next Steps: ➡️

Fund Raising for the Long Haul

We are looking for long term supporters, willing to invest into our lives throughout the years as we pour out of ourselves into the people of Japan. 

The cost of living for a family of 6 in Japan is comparable to in the United States, at least where we live in South Louisiana. Japan is ranked as one of the most expensive countries in the world for U.S. expats to live. 

Fund Raising for a Big Move

Our goal is to raise enough funds to help with the initial upfront cost of relocating

There are many expenses involved with moving including, but not limited to: flight expenses, documentation fees, moving fees, even the expense of furnishing a new home. A one-time donation would help us greatly with this process!

Selling Possessions

We are working on selling just about everything we own. We will be taking a minimal amount of possessions with us: clothing, toiletries, some toys, and a few comfort items. 

If you need something, like a couch or a shovel, get with us. 

Visa and Documentation Process

We can begin the visa process once we have raised 90% of our monthly support. We will be applying for a religious activities visa for Japan. It is fairly simple, but takes roughly 45 days. Once approved, we have a 3 month window to be in the country. So timing is key. 

We will need to provide proof of our financial ability to live in Japan, and therefore our application process will not begin until after we have raised the majority of the funds we will need.

Please prayerfully consider supporting us by setting up a recurring donation or a one-time donation through the link below. Your giving makes a huge difference, and we will only be able to do this with people like you!

Upon arriving to Japan:

Rent a place 

The area where we will likely rent a home/ apartment is called Noborito (pronounced like "No burrito" without a heavy "r" sound). Easy to remember because there is no Mexican, or even TexMex, in Japan. This is the neighborhood where Paz Church is located, and will be our home base for several years before we would be ready to help with another launch of a church-plant.

Language Learning

Learning the Japanese language is going to be our utmost priority. Understanding and being able to easily converse in the language of the people you are trying to build relationships with and hopefully win to Christ is crucial. It also gives so much insight into their culture and way of life. 

Culture Acclimation

Feeling "at home" can sometimes take time, no matter where you relocate to. We are going to be very intentional about learning the culture and the way of life in Japan. It is a culture unlike any we have ever known. One of our greatest hopes is to be easily accepted and received by the Japanese people, even as foreigners. For that the happen, we can't live in a bubble of our own making. 

We understand that not everyone can support us financially, nor would we expect everyone to. There are plenty of other ways that you could support us though, and the greatest is through prayer

Please pray:

"Well, I will go down if you will hold the rope" - William Carey's famous quote to others as he deliberated about going to the deep well of India, 

Would you commit to holding the rope for us?

There are many ways you can partner with us:

If any of these options interest you, Please reach out and send us an email at or