10/40 Hope Ministries

10/40 Hope Ministries is a team composed of individuals from around the world who are working toward one goal – for the nations to hope in Christ. They are missionaries, visionaries, pastors, and donors. All who contribute to this cause bring hope to the 10/40 window.

10/40 Hope is our sending organization responsible for receiving our finances which we are able to raise and helping to orchestrate our steps in getting to Japan, which are many. There is a lot involved with moving a family of 6 to another country, as you may imagine. We are so thankful and extremely excited to be partnered with them, as they are doing incredible work in the Kingdom of God throughout the Middle East and the entire 10/40 window.

10/40 Hope is currently working on projects in 5 countries within the 10/40 Window. If you would like to see a comprehensive list of the projects they are working, click the image below which depicts the hands and feet of 10/40 Hope at work!

If you would like to donate to support our family as missionaries with 10/40 Hope Ministries, please click the Donate button below. Your support will go toward reaching the unreached people of Japan!